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Simon Fischer


Basics                                                                                                                  Buy

Practice                                                                                                                Buy

The Violin Lesson                                                                                                  Buy

Scales                                                                                                                  Buy

Warming Up                                                                                                         Buy

Tone: Experimenting with proportions                                                                     Buy

Viola Tone book                                                                                                    Buy

Double Stops                                                                                                        Buy



Raphael Bronstein

 The Science of Violin Playing                                                                                 Buy


Ivan Galamian

Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching                                                                  Buy


Carl Flesch

 The Art of Violin Playing (Book one)                                                                       Buy

The Art of Violin Playing (Book two)                                                                        Buy


Robert Gerle

The Art of Bowing Practice                                                                                     Buy

The Art of Practicing the Violin                                                                               Buy


George Neiktug

 Notes from my studies with D.C. Dounis                                                                 Buy





Isaac Stern

 My first 79 years                                                                                                  Buy


 Nathan Milstein

 From Russia to the West                                                                                       Buy


Ayke Agus

Heifetz as I knew him                                                                                            Buy


Chris Costantakos

D.C. Dounis: His method in teaching the violin                                                        Buy



Barbara Lourie Sand

Teaching Genius: Dorothy DeLay and the Making of a Musician                                 Buy


 Arnold Steinhardt

 Indivisible by four: A string Quartet in Pursuit of Harmony                                       Buy

Violin Dreams                                                                                                       Buy




Practice Methods for the violin


Leopold Auer: Graded Course of Violin Playing

Book 1 (Buy):  Basic information about the violin, violin technique and music theory. Exercises in open strings

Book 2 (Buy): Exercises for each finger individually and combination of the fingers in first position

Book 3 (Buy): Scales, exercises and small pieces in the first position

Book 4 (Buy): Scales, exercises and small pieces in the first position (continuation of Book 3)

Book 5 (Buy): Exercises and pieces for the half, second and third positions

Book 6 (Buy): Exercises and pieces for the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh position, as well as vibrato, trill and chord playing.

Book 7 (Buy): Exercises on bowing techniques as well as scales in double-stops.

Book 8 (Buy): Small pieces and exercises for the accomplished virtuoso


Kurt Sassmannshaus

Early Start on the Violin volume one                                                                       Buy

Early Start on the Violin volume two                                                                       Buy

Early Start on the Violin volume three                                                                     Buy

Early Start on the Violin volume four                                                                      Buy


 Music Interpretation


David Blum 

Casals and the art of interpretation                                                                         Buy

Leopold Mozart 

A Treatise of the Fundamental Principles of String Playing                                         Buy

Alfred Brendel

Musical thoughts and afterthoughts                                                                        Buy



Music Education


Paul Harris

The Virtuoso Teacher: The inspirational guide for instrumental and singing teachers   Buy

Simultaneous Learning: The definite guide                                                              Buy

Improve your teaching                                                                                          Buy

Teaching Beginners: A new Approach for Instrumental and Singing teachers              Buy

The Practice Process                                                                                              Buy

Group Music Teaching in Practice                                                                            Buy


Aaron Williamon

Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques to enhance Performance                     Buy


Jaume Rosset I Llobet

The Musician’s Body: A Maintenance Manual for Peak Performance                            Buy


Parncutt & McPherson

The Science and Psycology of Music Performance                                                     Buy 


Hallam & Gaunt

Preparing for Success                                                                                            Buy


Mind and Body


Pedro de Alcantara

Indirect Procedures                                                                                               Buy